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SoapOpera Fanzine

Meet SoapOpera, another exciting project from one of the most controversial publishing scene in the world, Italy.

"Life is busy, life is sexy, life is easy.

SoapOpera Fanzine is a bimonthly visual diary for modern young women with
artistic minds.

Founded by two Italian girls based in Milan, this zine is a manifesto for an eclectic,
90's lover, female sisterhood with a strong passion for the sensual side of visual

SoapOpera is independent, self confident and active, it mixes freshness and
provocation with an amateur touch and a powerful attitude.

A bit nasty, quite naive, very ironic, every issue is an online exhibition, a special
journey through the minds of visionary new artists.
A virtual place where to explore different feelings and educate yourself.

The everyday life of a girl is a SoapOpera, so get the drama, feel the emotion and
live intensely.

Culture is best served on high heels."
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SoapOpera Fanzine

Erika Grupillo and Federica Ciuci Priori - the founders - have some news for you about the next issue of SoapOpera Fanzine called The SoapJournal:

"The SoapJournal is a virtual diary for connected girls (or disconnected,
depending on the time of day, horoscope and mood). The project will be
launched with the next issue of SoapOpera in late April. We felt it was time to
create a real blog, independent from the webzine, updated weekly, a stream
of consciousness, a journal that will revolve around periodical issues that will
be posted online in advance. SoapJournal is the blog you would like to read
while you have breakfast in the morning, cheeky, sincere, amateur and all-
female! We are working to put together a community of young girl writers
with something to say: no limitations, only confessions."
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SoapOpera Fanzine

Can Uzuner

Editor In Chief: Federica Ciuci Priori

Creative Director: Erika Grupillo

Photographers: Antonella Tignanelli, Erika Grupillo, Giulia Bersani

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