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Roman Neustädter


Roman Petrovich Neustädter

Defensive Midfielder 

Captain of Russian National Team 

Currently Playing for Fenerbahçe 

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Roman Neustädter

What motivates you when you walk on the pitch?

My will to win. Standing at the entrance and hearing the fans cheer for the whole team like crazy always gives me goosebumps.

What is the most exciting thing that you have seen today?

Two cars driving all the way backwards on the highway because they missed their exit

What was the last thing that you bought for yourself?

A Nintendo Switch

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Roman Neustädter

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

I tried Kokorec yesterday.

If Putin was a football player which team he would play and which position?

Central Midfield at Zenit St. Petersburg.

What makes you go crazy during the game?

The second game starts makes me crazy already. When stupid things like wrong referee decisions happen on top, I'm ready to punch someone.

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Roman Neustädter

Seren Dal

#33 Roman Neustädter

Garments by Selim Baklaci

Eyeglasses Versace

Photographer: Kazim Günyar
Production: Studiofena

Music: RIN - Monica Bellucci (prod. Alexis Troy)

Istanbul 2017

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