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NOESI Milano

Noesi, the new handbag brand born from intuition

It is the story of a passion, for fashion and for beauty, born in early childhood when she used to spend days in her grandmother’s atelier, watching her skillful hands make exquisite garments out of nothing.

And it was in those early days that she had her first intuition, laying the foundations for her creative approach towards colours, lines and shapes.

It was from here on that Silvia Zaratin started to breathe in art and after graduating from Ied, in Milan, she began to design handbags for the biggest Italian and international brands, such as Saint Laurent, Versace and Furla.

The second intuition came in 2020, when it was finally the right time to seize the opportunity to create her own project completely centred around Silvia’s vision.

A brand, a vision that imagines its handbags as vessels of the soul, the essence and the memories of the people who choose to wear them. As the pieces are conceived and designed for busy working women, always on the move or traveling, the designs are extremely lightweight and the handbag becomes a travel companion. Furthermore, the almost total absence of metal details made it possible for Silvia to research and use the finest leathers which give the handbags their luxurious yet practical feel.

The rational designs are a result of a strong passion for architecture and interior design, while the well-defined wave-like shapes are a clear nod to movement and to the curves of the female body. They are both classy and elegant, just as the logo which is written vertically. These are special pieces meant to be a luxury for different personalities united by a certain aesthetic and philosophy.

This is the story of NOESI.

NOESI from the Greek word nóēsis, derived from the verb noéō “I think”.

A form of intellectual knowledge such as learning something swiftly or an intuitive knowledge.
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NOESI Milano

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