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Lina Scheynius Reflects on Symbology of Protection for Tabayer

Space—interior and external, personal and communal, mental
and physical—has taken on prescient meaning in the wake of the
Covid-19 pandemic. US-based Nigora Tokhtabayeva, founder
of fine jewelry brand Tabayer—whose designs draw on the
symbology of protection—used the personal space afforded her
during lockdown to reflect on the implication of mankind on
the planet.

The negative mental space which Tokhtabayeva found herself
inhabiting has been channeled into a positive physical reality.
The new Tabayer jewelry collection, which is due to launch in
autumn 2021, and reinterprets protective talismans, has been
crafted exclusively from environmentally and ethically conscious
materials: Fairmined gold and ethically sourced Kimberley-certified
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Lina Scheynius Reflects on Symbology of Protection for Tabayer

Personal reflection is also synonymous with the aesthetic of
Sweden-born, London-based photographer Lina Scheynius,
whose output has a raw, candid and diary-style sensibility.
In anticipation of the Tabayer collection launch, Tokhtabayeva
has invited Scheynius to reflect on her own archive of images
through a lens which reflects her brand’s focus on the symbology
of protection.

As Scheynius looked back over five years of work, spanning
locations including the Baltic Sea Island of Fårö and the
lush parks of London, she focused on five words to unify
her introspection: “personal”, “intimate”, “femininity”,
“otherworldly”, “magic”.
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Lina Scheynius Reflects on Symbology of Protection for Tabayer

The resulting visual essay features colour and grayscale
photography, self-portraits, atmospheric landscapes and abstract
close-ups. Wrapped in shadow, Scheynius’ sister enters a moonlit
lake near the Swedish city of Trollhättan; the twinkling headlights
of taxi cabs illuminate the blurred nighttime skyline of New York;
slices of blood orange are highly saturated in their citrus shades;
Scheynius herself sits on a fuschia bedspread, only her bare legs
visible, cradling a talismanic crystal between her ankles.

“It was interesting looking at my work through someone else’ s
eyes,” Scheynius explains of the project. “I found treasures an d
some surprises that I could bring back to life.”

The visual essay will be released on the Tabayer Instagram
throughout the summer. To follow the collection launch
announcement, sign up to the Tabayer newsletter here.

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Lina Scheynius Reflects on Symbology of Protection for Tabayer

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