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KEIN & Matteo Cibic for Toytoo

Toytoo is an Italian fashion house whose mission is to pump tons of sexiness into the tired notion that fashion should be sustainable and respect animal rights. Toytoo are activist designers, Fufy and Buky, belong to a future where to hurt animals is not only atrocious but uncool. Coming from Lapland and Brazil, respectively, they truly understand sustainability as something that streams out of the environment and not out of their mouths. In fact, but very little will ever come out of their mouths having decided early on to forego all public appearances and devote their time only to what matters. As true activists they pursue their activism away from the spotlight. The cuddly Fufy & Buky mascots, are standard-bearers of both an environmentalist cause and of the brand. 

Matteo Cibic is a creative company based in Milan and Vicenza in Italy. In the past 10 years Matteo Cibic and his team has developed products and creative ideas for international companies, private collectors and cultural institutions.

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KEIN & Matteo Cibic for Toytoo

For this years edition of Milan Design Week, something unexpected happened. Matteo Cibic & KEIN decided to join the wonderful and colourful world of Toytoo. They wanted to bring you an experience like no other, to explore the mysterious life of Fufy, a playful unicorn, who grew in size unexpectedly and exponentially . With his big size and no where to go, Matteo Cibic & KEIN took in the giant and designed a pink funky space for him to stay. This Milan Design Week we invite you to explore the life on Fufy and enter the wonderful world of the friendly giant.

Welcome to #FUFY funky house!

A special project for Toytoo by Matteo Cibic & KEIN

Come to meet with Fufy at Lambrate Design District from 17 to 22 April.
Floristeria, Via Ventura 15, Milano.

And, join us for the opening event on the 18th of April at 8 pm.

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KEIN & Matteo Cibic for Toytoo

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