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Interview with Yugal Odhrani

Yugal Odhrani, Dubai-based 3D artist, established creator of Web 3.0 on OS and SR platforms. Today guest of Kein Magazine for an exclusive interview about the NFT world, Fashion Industry, present inspirations and future aspirations.

1) When and how did you begin to approach the creative world? Have you always been oriented towards 3D or have you had other passions during your career?

I started being a creative at a very young age. It all started off with editing Call Of Duty videos around 12 years ago when i was 14, that was honestly a huge stepping stone for me, it allowed me to learn 3D softwares and video editing skills at a very early stage, they were obviously no where as near as good (easy) to use as they are now. In terms of other passions, I have been a VFX artist, a photographer and a designer all before jumping into 3D 100% so i guess you could say i have had other passions.

2) What brought you closer to Web 3.0 and the NFT Industry? Do you have any favorite Creators or Projects?

I was actually introduced to NFTs in around August of 2020 by one of my friends from Call of Duty @loopify , he asked me to join his art team that was called 101, it is now discontinued but that is how i joined the space and then i ended up getting into SuperRare in September and it's pretty much a blur after that. In terms of projects, i do not really care for the pfp ones however, I have always wanted to own a punk. On the other hand I have a ton of favourite fine artists in the Space, of the top of my head some would be: Other World, Tj0, Ronald, David Ariew, Aeforia, Zaid Kirdsey, Etiene Crauss, Robbie, Sam Spratt, Ca Chou, Vii and honestly i could keep going on...

3) Parallel to your path as Creator NFT what do you think of live exhibitions and the current world of contemporary art?

I think NFTs are an absolute blessing for digital artists in terms of exhibitions. In fact I have been able to showcase my work physically in the craziest places and so have tons of other digital artists. This would have been a very hard thing to do before NFTs.
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Interview with Yugal Odhrani

4) What inspires your art and what creative method do you adopt for the elaboration of your 3D characters?

Everything around me inspiries my art. I absolutely love the female anatomy thats why most of my characters are females, their eyes just speak in a way that men's eyes cannot in my opinion. In terms of my process 99% the time I just wing it - "Just Do It". If i think too much or try to plan a piece before I usually just choke but there have been times where my best pieces such as "Free Falling" and "Dying Slowly" were actually planned out before hand.

5) New future projects? In which further sector would you like to bring your works and your own concept of art?

I am currently working on a drop i am unable to talk about and working on more 1/1 creations alongside with "Dreamers" Season 3. I 100% want to break into fashion and just create some crazy stuff.

6) You currently reside in Dubai. Is it your hometown? Would you like to move in the future? After all, your job could allow you to travel and work in many countries of the world...

Yes Dubai is my hometown. I have lived here my entire life and my family has been here since the 60s. We actually own 1 of the first 100 businesses in Dubai. I do like travelling around for sure but technology is still at a point where you cant carry the best equipment with you plus it's a huge pain to transfer all of your programs and files back and forth onto a new workstation. But as I mentioned I do like travel every few months to get my mind away from the crazy fast paced world we live in.

7) What is your greatest aspiration as an artist and what is the purpose of your projects?

My only aspiration is to inspire and help others out, even if looking at my art brings a second of joy to the viewer, my purpose of my art is complete.
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Interview with Yugal Odhrani

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