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Carlo Palazzo / NOWHERE FC

Let's speak first about you

Tell us in 2 words about yourself. 

New Yorker.

When and how was burn the idea about nowhere t-shirts? 

Nowhere FC was founded and created by Diego Moscoso in 2010. Diego and one of his mentors happened to find themselves inside Marc Jacobs running the collaborations department, they liked soccer, and probably watched too much World Cup that year. They hit up adidas to collaborate and enter a Marc Jacobs football team in their annual NYC barbecue tournament. Needless to say, the collaboration ended up falling through but they had already started making gear in the MJ factories to test and had a team of guys practicing at the FDR baseball diamond on evenings. At that point I think they just said, "fuck it! let's make a club"

Why did you decide "nowhere" like a name? 

Nowhere FC was originally called Elsewhere FC - seeing how it was created at the Marc Jacobs offices, I think the guys were just fantasizing about being anywhere but the office! Anyway, at some point Diego and his aforementioned mentor split and Diego changed the name from 'Elsewhere' to 'Nowhere'. Nowhere is an allegory for New York City where the only thing that matters is the moment, 'Now Here'.

What can you tell about "fly nowhere tours" ( they are really funny ) what is the idea?

One day Diego and I were chilling at Nowhere FC HQ on Canal St. in Soho and I was researching commercials aired in NYC during the the time we were thinking about doing a Kickstarter and were searching for a cohesive idea/theme when an Airline commercial from the 90s came on and inspired us. Kickstarters all have like a video pitch where you are essentially convincing people to give you their money...our video pitch ended up being the first Flynowhere tour.

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Carlo Palazzo / NOWHERE FC

You did collaboration with Inter FC. Tell us more about this collaboration and the choice of the fabric and color for the t-shirt. 

Our recent collaboration with Internazionale FC took the form of our 6th installation of Football Concierge, a marketing activation where keynote organizations hire us to create a jersey customization lab where select invitees can come through and, under the guidance of our expert staff, create (within Nowhere fc's parameters, obviously) a football jersey. This empowers the invitees creatively and allows them to bring home a tangible object they themselves helped create. Prior to Football Concierge #6 each Inter away jersey was hand dyed in NYC, by our staff, using our signature process. As far as colors go we chose different shades of blue and black because after all, Inter are called the nerazzuri for a reason. Yellow, on the other hand, has been on Inter's color palette starting with the 1980-1981 third kid. 

What do you expect from this collaboration?

Our intention behind this collaboration was to give to take, Inter, an important Italian Heritage brand and put a millennial spin on it.  

It's not the only collaboration that you did in Italy. You worked also with Roma FC?

Our collaboration with Roma was actually for the American market, more specifically our home, NYC. We created a match day experience for influencers (many of which never had a football related experience) for AS Roma's USA tour match vs Tottenham Hotspurs. James Palotta the owner of Roma is a big fan of Nowhere fc and it made sense to activate around AS Roma's match in NYC. 

I know you also like take pictures. Tell us more about your passion and your profile @35mmilano

As far as @35mmilano goes, i've recently discovered my passion for film photography. Diego gave me a Yashica t4 before I dipped to Italy and I haven't really looked back ever since. It's something about being able to freeze a moment, they say a picture is worth a thousand words. 

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Carlo Palazzo / NOWHERE FC

Seren Dal

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