Anthony L. Marasco

Andreas Gursky, Art for the 1%


Inequality has always been around, but never like today, when the 1% is said to own the planet like no other elite has owned it before. The gap between us an them is so spectacular we could say it is on the verge of becoming anthropic. We are about to become different species.


Take the Andreas Gursky show at the Hayward Gallery in London. This is art for the 1%. I don’t mean to say that only the filthy rich can own it, which is just the case. I mean to say that only somebody belonging to the 1% can actually see it the way it meant to be seen. Nobody else can. While masterpieces of old asked for all of your attention to let you go satisfied at some given moment, these large photographs ask all of your attention, and that’s it. That’s all there is! Field of minute details, after minute details, after minute details. Just like his beloved techno music. Boom, boom, boom. Large stripes of the minutest minutia, after stripe, after stripe, of minutia, minutia, minutia. No release, no chorus, no transitions, no nothing.


The only way to respond to this viewing program is to own the damn thing. You can’t just go to a museum and get out of your ticket the same purchase power of its original owner. No, to boom, boom, boom, you have to roll out the big bucks and bring it home, so that you can boom, boom, boom, all you want. At 4.2 million dollars, pictures like “Rhein II” (1999) is art for the 1%. Where absolute luxury and absolute superficiality meet in a work of genius the size of a wall. Of sound.
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Andreas Gursky, Art for the 1%

Anthony L. Marasco

Andreas Gursky, Art for the 1%
by Anthony L. Marasco


Andreas Gursky, Hayward Gallery at Southbank Center, 

 London. Jan. 25 - Apr. 22, 2018. 

The entrance is hard to  

 find if you take a taxi there. The place 

definitely needs better signs.

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